Wood Restoration

The centuries-old art of wood restoration is the homeowner's answer to the problem of worn wood fixtures in an older home. While the first impulse may be to replace a worn banister or wood mantle with something affordable from the local home improvement store, there is value in looking beyond the fading finish, scratches and evidence of wear to the beauty and character underneath and preserving the original whenever possible.

A wood restoration can restore new life to wood fixtures in older homes, decks damaged by exposure to the elements, faded wood sliding and peeling wood paneling. After years of use or neglect, wood can become dried, warped or faded. Though the damage looks extensive, homeowners are often delighted to learn from a wood restoration specialist how affordable and transforming a restoration project can be.

As tempting as it might be to rip out existing wood fixtures in an older home and replace them with something more modern, consider that many of these original pieces has a charm that can be never be replicated by a mass-produced replacement from the hardware store. With special care from an experienced professional, the original beauty can be recaptured because it lingers just below the scratches and wear, waiting to be revealed once again.


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