Formica Repairs

Formica countertops have long been valued for their ease of cleaning and their array of colors and designs. Today, Formica countertops are gaining again in popularity as a versatile and affordable surface option. Older Formica countertops hold a retro charm that appeals to homebuyers, and they often desire to preserve original Formica because of its durability and classic look.

Chips and cracks are problems that eventually occur with older Formica. None of these are a reason to replace the countertops and spend a fortune on replacements. Experts trained in Formica repairs are experienced in restoration of older Formica surfaces and can quickly seal and repair cracks and chips, reviving the charm and usefulness of the oldest Formica surfaces.

For generations, Formica has proven to be the countertop surface that is not only affordable, but durable and easy to clean. The cost and vulnerability of many of today's kitchen counter surfaces cannot compare to the lasting dependability of classic Formica. Sanitary, with no grooves from grout to trap bacteria and debris, no other countertop surface compares to the quick cleanup that Formica affords. With endless styles and patterns to fit any decor, Formica adds color like no other surface material can. When those inevitable chips and cracks occur, forget complete replacement because an experienced Formica repair expert can restore damage and fortify the surface for many, many more years of enjoyment.


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