Furniture Repair

Every homeowner knows the feeling: that itch to make a chance, to redo, rearrange and add something new to a favorite space. The next time you get that decorating urge, take a look at what you already own and open your mind to the endless possibilities furniture repair or restoration can mean for your home.

Furniture repair is not limited to fixing wobbly table legs or filling in scratches and dents. Today's furniture repair techniques can restore beauty and usefulness to family heirlooms or completely transform the look of a piece of furniture. Give new life to tag sale finds or antiques stashed in the attic with one of many affordable furniture repair and restoration techniques offered by a repair specialist.

Families acquire odds and ends from relatives that have been passed down through the generations. Perhaps you have an end table or rocker that sits unused in a back room simply because it does not work with your decor. An experienced furniture repair specialist can work wonders with stains and woodworking techniques to give new life to an older piece. Furniture repair and restoration is the ideal way to bring the charm and character of the past into your present with results that will be cherished for generations to come.

* We replace recliner and sofa bed mechanisms.


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